PS 165
Edith K. Bergtraum Elementary School


PS 165 - Queens
70-35 150 Street
Flushing NY 11367
(718) 263-4004

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Our new Photo Album

We want to compile a database of PS 165 alumni, especially from the early years. Did you know that Fran Drescher of The Nanny is an alum? How about Ellen Barkin (Diner, The Big Easy, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and more)? Early class pictures of both to be added shortly.


I want to find these people ... email me if you are a classmate or know of one. Let's compile an email list and get in touch. Maybe a reunion? This is the 50 year anniversary of PS 165!

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Help with names gladly accepted! Names in GREEN are people we have found so far.

Kindergarten - 1963 (me, second row from top, far right)

By row, top to bottom (help!!!!, this is the only class I don't remember names but most of these kids did not continue with me. Why, I don't know)

Allen Gibson, xx, xx, xx, Jeff Kornreich, Ellen Finger, xx, xx, xx
xx, xx, xx, xx, xx, xx, xx, xx, Craig Haller
xx, xx, xx, xx, xx, xx, xx, xx, xx, xx
Cindy Tomback, xx, xx, xx, xx, xx, xx, Florence Fritze, xx
xx, xx, David Parks, Larry(?) x, Ira Ruderman, xx

1st grade - 1964 (Student teacher pinched my butt just before the picture was taken, where is she now?!)
Teacher - Mrs. Leah Krede (left)
Student Teacher - I want to find!
Standing between teachers: xx, Ronald Cohen, Craig Haller;
Standing: xx, xx, xx, Donna Hasbrouck, xx, Elliot Davis, xx, Neil Cohen, xx, David Parks
left to right from front: June Cantor, Carrie Rothburd, xx, Lisa Alcott, xx, Steve Wichman, xx, xx, Meryl Perl, xx, Ruben Perlmutter, Ellen Finger, xx, xx, xx

2nd grade - 1965
Teacher - Charna Bennett (left)
standing: Zina x, Lynn Wientraub, Meryl Perl, Valerie Cohen, Randy x, Hal Cohen, xx, Rubin Pearlmutter, Craig Haller, Steven Wichman, xx
left to right from front: Lisa Alcott, Donna Hasbrouck, Yvette Kane, David Robbins, David Parks, xx, Ira Ruderman, xx, Neil Cohen, Elliot Davis, Toby Flaum, Ellen Finger, Donna Landon, Andre x, Jeff Kornriech

3rd grade - 1966 (standing, third from left)
Teacher - Frieda Isenberg
standing:David Parks, Michael Kraft, Craig Haller, Mark Newmark, Hal Cohen, Jeff Kornreich, Andre x, Ronald Cohen, Barry Botfeld, Steve Wichman, Joseph Liebler
left to right from front: Neil Cohen, Elliot Davis, David Schmutter; xx, Valerie Cohen, Young Oh, Lori Needle, xx,Yvette Kane; Ellen Finger, Lynn Wientraub, Toby Flaum, Zina Stevenson, Lisa Allcott, Meryl Perl, Donna Landon, Donna Hasbrouck, Randi x (Ellen Rothstein?).

4th grade - 1967

Teacher - Frances Benassi
standing, back: Andre x, xx, Ronald Cohen; standing: David Schmutter, Mark Romeo, David Robbins, xx, Barry Bottfield, Andrea Bergstein, Valerie Cohen, Mark Newmark, Craig Haller, John Glasser, Steve Wichman, Elliot Davis.
Sitting front left to right:  Yeong Oh, Yvette Kane, Nora Sherman(?);  xx, xx, xx; Lisa Alcott, Toby Flaum, Lynn Weintraub; Ellen Finger, xx, Meryl Perl

5th grade - 1968

Teacher - Beatrice Feder
Standing: Mark Romeo, Barry Botfeld, John Glasser, Craig Haller, Mark Newmark, xx, Andrea Bergstein, Larry Carter, Lynn Weintraub, Lisa Alcott, Joe Liebler, David Robins, Robert Kraft (?), Steve Wichman, xx
Sitting front, left to right: xx, David Schmutter, Adela Stelzer, xx, Toby Flaum, Yvette Kane, Meryl Perl, xx, Neil Cohen (?), Elliot Davis, xx, Ellen Finger, xx, xx, Yeong Oh

6th grade - 1969-70
If I had not moved, this would have been my class (I believe). Thanks to Joe Liebler for sending it along! Color, wow! And who is that teacher?

Teacher - ??